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Modular Jack S1 Series 5921 series

Series 5921 connectors and modular Jacks. RJ45 8P8C 21mm long body connectors. 1x1,1x2,1x4,1x6 and 1x8 known as series 59 connectors the locking tab is down and body is 21mm long. S1 series long body connectors have the most common application where PCB mounting RJ45 connectors are used.

Part Number Image Description Dimensions (Wx Dx H mm) Download
JP-S1-8P8C RJ45 8P8C 15.1x20.7x12.9 Download Datasheet
JP-S1-8P8C-S RJ45 8P8C with Shield B3.05 15.9x21.4x13.5 B3.05 Download Datasheet
JP-S1-8P8C-SA RJ45 8P8C with Shield F4.57 15.9x21.4x13.5 F4.57 Download Datasheet
JP-S1-8P8C-2P RJ45 8P8C 1x2 2 Port 30.4x20.7x12.9 Download Datasheet
JP-S1-8P8C-2PS RJ45 8P8C 1x2 2 Port with Shield 31.1x21.3x13.5 Download Datasheet
JP-S1-8P8C-4P RJ45 8P8C 1x4 4 Port 58.4x20.7x12.9 Download Datasheet
JP-S1-8P8C-4PS RJ45 8P8C 1x4 4 Port with Shield 58.9x21.3x13.5 Download Datasheet
JP-S1-8P8C-6P RJ45 8P8C 1x6 6 Port 86.4x20.7x12.9 Download Datasheet
JP-S1-8P8C-6PS RJ45 8P8C 1x6 6 Port with Shield 87x21.3x13.5 Download Datasheet
JP-S1-8P8C-8P RJ45 8P8C 1x8 8Port 114.3x20.7x12.9 Download Datasheet
JP-S1-8P8C-8PS RJ45 8P8C 1x8 8Port with S 114.9x21.3x13.5 Download Datasheet